About Us

Gulf Coal Trading LLC specializes in the trading of coal and related energy resources to the power, steel, cement and other industries in the Middle East. Gulf Coal is an integrated energy company providing end-to-end solutions “from pit to plant” by sourcing, shipping & trading coal and related commodities.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, We focus on serving the markets of Middle East.

Our team of experts from the energy trading market, provide innovative and value added solutions in moving coal and other commodities from point of origin to our customer's chosen point of delivery. Our experienced professional team goes the extra mile to provide cost-effective delivery, each and every time. We know the how-to-do’s of sourcing and shipping and we integrate these with environmentally proven port handling, storage and logistics to complete the ‘door to door’ supply chain.

Gulf Coal’s team have many years’ experience in this challenging region. We are continuing to expand our markets and broaden our products to become a one-stop-shop to source and deliver the full range of materials required for the expanding cement industry in the Middle East.

Our Customers